The Gray Geezer
Randy Bechtel
by Randy Bechtel
  • The Ott House Haunting
    Spooky events cause Widow Ott, her son, a psychic medium and the Bechtels to try to contact a ghost in Ott's suburban house.
  • The Who'lldoit? Murder Mystery
  • Show businesst ms may be no business for the Vannucchi Mystery Company judging by its fireeting to stage a dinner theater mystery at Dino’s Steakhouse.

  • The Duck Stops Here
    A 35-year-old anecdote about the making of the movie "Howard the Duck" comes back to haunt me at a ritzy banquet.
  • Take Me Out of the Ball Game
    The absurdity of kids who dislike baseball struggling in Little League because their parents need to believe they can play hardball.

  • A Name Which Lives in Infamy
  • A genealogist traces the roots of the Bechtel and Adams families to the Merovingian kings, John Adams, John Q. Adams, Mark Twain and a carnival’s bearded lady.
  • A Fine How-Do-You-Do!
  • After kicking me three times--the last for allegedly causing a riot--the Sutter Rotary Club won't have me to kick around anymore.
  • A Fine How-Do-You-Do! Sequel
    Our shell-shocked community theater troupe decides its future after being deposed for lawsuits arising from audience violence caused by the premiere of our dinner murder mystery.

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